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Little Island Documentary
This Documentary has won multiple Awards in Greece, as well as globally.
Audio Post Production - Sound Design
Marios T, Pavlou
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Ο Κλέαρχος, η Μαρίνα και ο Κοντός
My first big screen full movie project which involves some of the best actors and singers from all over Greece.
Music Audio Engineering
Marios T. Pavlou.

Click the image to view the movie trailer.



O Thysavros

Another one of the movies I participated in, also taking place within the movie itself.

Music Audio Engineering
Marios T. Pavlou

Click the image to see the movie trailer.


Jenny Jenny


A TV Show played every weekend morning on MEGA Channel with popular people from all over Greece


Location Audio Recordist

Marios T. Pavlou


MovieLab Productions


A production company for TV ads, also known as J.Walter Thompson company


Featuring many well known products on every major TV channel like,


Vodafone, Media Markt, Real News,

AB Vasilopoulos and many more.


In-house Audio Post Production - Sound Design

Marios T. Pavlou

Screenshot 2021-10-17 at 10-43-37 O Thisavros (2017).png

Older videos featuring my audio - video work

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